DBD Electrical for your LED Lighting Installation

Changing over to LED Lighting will reduce your lighting bill and the carbon footprint of your home or business.  They use very little energy and last a very long time, plus great lighting sets the mood all while saving you money.

At DBD Electrical we can install LED Lighting for all applications, especially:

Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom serves many purposes, and its lighting does as well. Specialised bathroom lighting products can create a bathroom environment that is bright enough for getting ready or soft enough for relaxation.

Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen is often more than just a place to prepare food. Usually also a family gathering spot, a place to entertain guests, and a centerpiece of your home. The right lighting can give you the brightness you need to cook, provide gentle ambient lighting for a family meal, or set the mood for a dinner party.

Outdoor / Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be anything from simply providing light in the dark to creating an inviting outdoor space.  There are many LED Outdoor Lighting Applications.


An office represents its company and the employees that work there. There are many solutions offering minimal glare, maximum brightness, and the ultimate energy-savings.

The Government, together with retailers and energy companies are working to phase out inefficient light bulbs across the UK.  See The Energy Saving Trust for more information

If you are looking for LED Lighting Installation in Bath and the surrounding areas then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team

LED Recessed Lights, LED Under Cupboard Lights, Stainless Steel Socket Fronts, Stainless Steel Switch Fronts for a Kitchen in Weston, Bath installed by DBD Electrical, Electricians in Bath