Fire Alarms

An effective Fire Detection and Alarm System is a key component of fire risk
management for any commercial, public or multi-occupancy premises to protect your staff, visitors and assets.

All fire alarm systems essentially operate on the same principle. If a detector
detects smoke or heat or if someone in the building operates a break glass unit then the alarm will sound to warn others in the building that there may be a fire and to evacuate. Some fire alarm systems may also incorporate remote signalling
equipment which would alert the fire brigade via a central control station.

The choice of fire alarm system depends on the building structure, the purpose / use of the building and current legislation.

Here at DBD Electrical our Fire Alarm Services include complete design,
installation, supply and commissioning of new Fire Alarm Systems and Servicing or updating of existing Fire Alarm Systems in Bath and the surrounding areas.

Our Electricians adhere to all British Standard guidelines to ensure your company and staff are fully protected, whilst listening to your individual needs and ensuring your requirements are met.

Whether you operate a small office or a large commercial premises, your business should have a fire alarm system, at DBD Electrical our Electricians are able to design you a fire alarm system that monitors your entire building for smoke and fire.

We would also be happy to discuss the servicing and renovation of existing fire alarm systems.  Commercial fire alarms should be regularly tested by a competent person at an interval of no more than six months.

DBD Electrical install & service fire alarms in premises such as Apartment
Buildings, Care Homes, Churches, Colleges, Community Halls, Distribution Centres, Exhibition Centres, Factories, Galleries, Garden Centres, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Hotels, HMO’s, Industrial Units, Museums, Nurseries, Offices, Private Homes, Bars, Pubs & Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Schools, Shopping Centres, Shops, Social Clubs, Village Halls, Warehouses, Workshops.

For any further information you may need please contact our Friendly Team.

Fire Alarm Panel in a Church in the centre of Bath installed by DBD Electrical, Electricians in Bath
Emergency Lighting and Smoke Detector in a Church in Bath installed by DBD Electrical, Electricians in Bath
Fire Alarm Call Point in a Church in Bath installed by DBD Electrical, Electricians in Bath